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Name: Frank Wang
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Skype: renai11
Skype: renai11

About Us
       Chem&Size Minerals Limited is specialzed in making and exporting standard quality fused silica sand,fused silica powder to industry of refractory,investment castings,fusion bonded epoxy powder coatings,advanced ceramic etc.

       Our services are:making improvement continuously to satisfy our customers' requirements. We put special emphasis on the supply on time and on the quality,quantity assurance of our products.

        Chem&Size means chemical compostion and size distribution.We treasure these as the main important parts of fused silica's quanlity.To control these parts is a daily challenge for us and all our lots are individually analyzed during the production process and before the shipment.

        We can be your supplier partner that will enable you to save energies and to minimize your exposure in a changing supply channel. Please contact us to exchange our ideas.Email us,Please Click :minerals@chemsize.com

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Skype: renai11