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Product name : Fused silica sand
Item : 20134323841
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Fused silica Sand introduce :

Fused silica is made of high purity crystal silica by electrically fusing (fusing temperature 1800-2000℃) to amorphous Silicon dioxide , then it was classed to different grades by manual and then specially engineered to sand form. Because fused silica has a very low thermal conductivity and excellent thermal shock resistance, it is used in lots of fields of investment casting,refractory,ceramic,epoxy modling compound,fusion bounded epoxy.


Fused silica sand application:

Refractory, ceramic, investment casting, foundry, epoxy molding compound, fusion bounding epoxy powder coating.

chemical composition

Grade A
Grade B
Grade C
(The finer the powder,the higher AL2O3.

Fused silica sand size:


Other requirement of chemical composition and size are available.


In big bag of 1-1.3MT/bag net each,
In plastic woven bag of 25kg net each, then 1-1.3MT on 1 pallet.
In paper bag of 25 kg net each, then 1-1.2MT on 1 pallet.

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